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Dish Network Contacts

DISH NETWORK is committed to providing WORLD CLASS customer service to the property management and resident’s of The Wave. Using a team approach, DISH Network values the relationship with you and the property. From our award winning customer service to our expert DNS technicians, we want your television experience to exceed our expectations.

DISH Network has a long history of being first to market and is dedicated to providing the latest in technology. In addition, DISH Network is committed to providing outstandingcustomer service through our specialized call center that is open 24/7 toensure customer satisfaction. As a DISH Network property, DISH Network providescustomer service for the residents of The Wave. When a resident calls the DISHNetwork Commercial Customer Service Center (“CSC”) and mentions The Wave, yourresident will be routed to a customer service representative that will be ableto ensure that your residents receive the correct programming, equipment andservice for their specific needs. Our CSC is located in Denver, Colorado andcan be reached at 888-451-3650.

In the event a DISH Networkproperty has escalated customer service needs, we have a team of people thatare knowledgeable and committed to and understanding the true servicerequirements. Please feel free to contact our following team members for anyinquiry or issues, and thank you for being a DISH Network customer.


New Subscribers

Main Number (888) 451-3650

Hours Mon-Fri, 7:00AM-7:00PM MST & Sat-Sun,8:00AM- 8:00PM MST

Escalation Info:

ScottWilkins                    Inside Sales Lead              (720)514-7128

Programming/Equipment/Work Orders/Credit Qualifications                     

ThomasCassidy                Inside SalesManager (720)514-7156

Programming/ Equipment/ Work/Orders/ CreditQualifications  


Existing Customers (Customer Service)

Main Number (888) 451-3650 Hours

Mon-Sun, 5:30AM-11:00PM MST

Escalation Info: